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Backpacking with our llamas is one of our favorite activities.  Llamas and mountains go hand in hand.  Llamas were made for hiking in the mountains.  Our "speechless brothers" are companions on the trail and carry our load at the same time.  Because of their efficient design, llamas are very low impact on the fragile mountain environment.  They do not have hoof's, but instead a soft pad that has about the same impact on the trail as a human hiking boot. 

We do not offer guide services at Lazy B Llamas.  We use our boys for our own personal pleasure.  If you would like to go on a guided trip try Timberline Llamas.

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Bruce & Tchaikovsky in a corporate free moment on Snowmass Lake Trail





Miscellaneous Trip Reports

Snowmass Trip San Juan Mountains Chicago Basin   


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Snowmass Mountain


Bruce, descending down into the clouds

 from the summit of Snowmass Mountain - August 1998


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