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The Nee-Bee Observatory is a Father and Son project.  It gets it's name from my son Nick Edward Ellis (Nee) and myself Bruce Edward Ellis (Bee).

The unique nested roll of roof design allows for a warm office that gets plenty of use and is helpful as a warm room during cold observing nights.  The roof rests on steel castors riding on steel channel and is powered by an industrial garage door opener that gives it the 12 ft. of travel it needs to retract all the way inside the other roof.  Propane heat keeps the office area warm.

Scope is connected to our  10/100 LAN serviced by a 2 Mbs. Wireless 2 way internet connection.

There is an Oregon Scientific Weather Station 918 using Ambient Software's Virtual Weather Station that publishes weather data to the web.  Check it out HERE.

The Llamas are not quite sure what to think about it all.


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Office area showing Father and Son matching PC's connected to scope and LAN plus garage door opener at top for roof retraction.

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Pictures show track system using steel casters inside of steel channel powered by the 12 ft. garage door opener .  Also shown is the hinged front and interior roof support designed to accommodate a larger scope.

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Roof On

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